Dave Matthews Band at Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena at Harvey's

Dave Matthews Band Tickets

Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena at Harveys

If you’ve been keeping watch on what’s the trending talk of the town, then you may already know that on Friday Friday 6th September 2019, Dave Matthews Band is coming back to Lake Tahoe Nevada to perform live in concert at Harveys Outdoor Arena. This once-in-a-season musical extravaganza marks the one chance this beautiful town has to catch what critics are calling the can’t-miss performers of 2019 for this September event. With the breathtaking star power and unmistakable passion that Dave Matthews Band brings to every event, it’s easy to see why there are such buzz and hype about this event. Fans of the genre and of breathtaking heart-pounding concert performances have already rushed the ticket stands to make sure they don’t miss out on this hot event. So don’t delay! Click the Buy Tickets button below and make sure you can catch Dave Matthews Band on Friday 6th September 2019 when they perform live in concert at Harveys Outdoor Arena.

Dave Matthews Band at Harveys Outdoor Arena

Feeling up for some quality music this September? If so, make sure to find yourself in Lake Tahoe on Friday 6th September 2019. Wondering why? No better reason needed than the newly announced exhilarating Harveys Outdoor Arena performance by Dave Matthews Band that’s bound to blow the minds of all the music enthusiasts in Nevada and the neighboring states! How many times have you been listening to your friends retell an amazing music event and felt sorry you missed it? Don’t let this be another such occasion! Do your friends a favor and don’t let them miss out either. Hurry up and get your tickets before they sell out!

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