Lake Tahoe Is For Lovers Festival: Hawthorne Heights at Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena at Harvey's

Lake Tahoe Is For Lovers Festival Tickets

Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena at Harveys | Stateline, Nevada

Lake Tahoe Is For Lovers Festival

This summer, a massive showdown featuring the most esteemed post hardcore icons are joining forces and it’s the emo extravaganza you never knew you needed! Ohio-born emo rock giants Hawthorne Heights presents the most awesome festival this season and they’re bringing along a lot of famous friends! Lake Tahoe is for Lovers Festival is part of a seven-city trek featuring some of the trailblazers in alternative, posthardcore, and pop punk! Lucky for fans in Nevada, this one-of-a-kind banger is taking over the Harveys Outdoor Arena! See the mighty sets of Hawthorne Heights, plus show headliner, The All American Rejects! Of course, this spectacle is not considered a festival without the appearance of illustrious acts like Movements, The Starting Line, Finch, The Red Jumsuit Apparatus, and many more! It all happens on Saturday 22nd June 2024 and is guaranteed to be the biggest gathering of emo titans! Hurry and secure tickets now! Access to Lake Tahoe Is For Lovers Festival is now available through the Get Ticket link!

If you’re itching for a great summer break, now is the moment to make some solid plans! On Saturday 22nd June 2024, Lake Tahoe will not just be a destination for leisure and sports activities because a monster rock festival is coming and it’s guaranteed to be loud! Get your gears on for this one because this is slated to be the most head bang worthy emo rock party you’ll ever see. Presented by the Ohio-born outfit, Hawthorne Heights, Lake Tahoe Is For Lovers Festival is a gathering of the most beloved emo, punk, and alternative bands – think the most thrilling acts to have come out of the early 2000s!

The festival features headliner The All-American Rejects, a band that emerged with magnificent titles like “Swing, Swing,” “Dirty Little Secret,” and “Time Stands Still. Aside from being one of the most beloved pop punk outfits to come out of the 2000s, the band is also partially responsible for bringing the genre to the mainstream circuit. In 2008, their smashing single, “Gives You Hell” went to number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100, their highest ever in the chart.

Of course, a show presented by Hawthorne Heights means that the band will also be delivering a mighty setlist. The quintet is slated to deliver iconic hits, such as “Ohio is For Lovers,” “Saying Sorry,” “Niki FM,” and “This is Who We Are.” The group also recently dropped their latest single, “Lucerne Valley,” spawned from their latest EP, Lost Lights.

Besides rock icons like The All American Rejects and Hawthorne Heights, Lake Tahoe is For Lovers Festival is anticipated to bring the groundbreaking sets of Movements, The Starting Line, Finch, Armor for Sleep, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and Freethrow. These bands have specially been selected by Hawthorne Heights. This event at the Harveys Outdoor Arena will truly be a unique mix of performers as installments of the festival in other cities will feature entirely different sets of bands. That means you won’t find any show quite like Lake Tahoe Is For Lovers Festival this 2024!

Hurry and don’t miss out on Lake Tahoe Is For Lovers Festival and catch the thrilling showdown featuring Hawthorne Heights, The All-American Rejects, Movements, and more! Access is now available to all as long as you click on the Get Ticket link now!

Lake Tahoe Is For Lovers Festival at Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena at Harveys

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