Pretty Lights – Friday at Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena at Harvey's

Pretty Lights - Friday Tickets

Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena at Harveys | Stateline, Nevada

Pretty Lights - Friday

EDM fanatics unite! This brilliant showdown is taking music to ultimate heights! World-renowned music producer and famous DJ Pretty Lights is setting up the year with select but oh so fulfilling stops! He made his highly awaited return last year after a pretty long hiatus, but now he’s back and extending his super lit trek The Soundship Spacesystem Check Your Vector! Nevada happens to be one of the few new stops he’s making this summer but check it out, because this rare bonanza is slated to be a two-night banger at the Harveys Outdoor Arena! Fans who are looking at attending Friday night can expect an exhilarating but fully packed set! Pretty Lights is anticipated to serve some astronomical hits like “Finally Moving,” “You and Me,” “Let Em Know It’s Time To Go,” and much, much more! Hurry and bring some rage into your Friday night by securing tickets now!

Ravers were more than happy upon Pretty Lights announcing his return last year. The Soundship Spacesystem Tour was an adrenaline packed run that sent the highly regarded producers to over 20 cities. Bringing his signature production packed with a lot of intensity. Pretty Lights dropped some of the most revered smashers from his catalog “Finally Moving,” “At Last I Am Free,” “Sun Spreads in Our Minds,” and “Look Both Ways.” Of course, a Pretty Lights set will not be complete without some mind blowing remixes. Year 2023 was a massive ranging hit for Pretty Lights fans that’s for sure. For those who missed out or simply want to join Pretty Lights' astounding raves again, the year 2024 is another chance for you to rage to the fullest!

This year, the acclaimed producer delivers the Soundship Spacesystem Tour: Check Your Vector – rip-roaring extension of his massive 2023 run. Only this time, he’s hitting eight cities! Yes, only eight! Now, it’s not so much a small tour but actually a fulfilling residency, where Pretty Lights will deliver two back to back shows per stop. For his detour in Nevada, fans will be making their way to the Stateline to catch the EDM phenom! Experience the adrenaline rushing and mouth watering rave as it conquers Harveys Outdoor Arena! This two night (Friday 6th - Saturday 7th September 2024) banger is slated to be one for the books. As the much awaited return of the prodigal DJ, who went out with a bang in 2018.

Now, he returns with an even bigger explosion – an explosion of gargantuan hits, infectious blasting beats, epic drops, that is. And although Pretty Lights is no new comer, he can still rip it up better than any Gen z spinners out there. For starters, his music – which fuses with soul, hip-hop – was dubbed ahead of its time. His latest body of work, A Color Map of the Sun, was released in 2013 while his latest non album title, “Rainbow & Waterfalls” was released in 2017. Fast forward to 2024, Pretty Lights still sells out tickets faster than peers 10 to 15 years his junior. Now, that’s saying something - considering he was out of the game for five years!

So don’t miss out if you want a raging party that’s guaranteed to be a stuff of legend. You won’t get it anywhere else in the city but the Harveys Outdoor Arena! So secure passes now before it’s too late!

Pretty Lights - Friday at Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena at Harveys

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