Pretty Lights – Saturday at Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena at Harvey's

Pretty Lights - Saturday Tickets

Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena at Harveys | Stateline, Nevada

Pretty Lights - Saturday

There are quite a few events at Harvey’s Outdoor Arena that will warrant a drive down to Stateline, Nevada; this may be the best one of the season! Pretty Lights will be taking his show to the Harvey's Outdoor Arena on Saturday, September 7th, 2024. The electronic music star will be in Tahoe for multiple days that weekend. These tickets are only valid to access the venue on Saturday. Not to put any of the other days down, but Saturday may just be the best day of the weekend.

What you can expect is to see a bunch of local DJs also gracing the stage. Without a doubt, Pretty Lights is one of the most unique acts in Electronic music. The headliner of the night is going to be hitting the audience with beats that combine smooth jazz and other tunes from pop and rock music. It’s definitely worth it to go watch him live at the Harvey’s Outdoor Arena. Click the get tickets button today to get your foot in the door!

Pretty Lights hasn’t necessarily released a ton of new tracks in the last few years. There’s a perfectly good reason for this, and if you head to Harvey’s on Saturday, September 7th, you’re going to benefit from what he’s doing. The focus of the last few years for the American DJ and his crew has been the live shows. At the start of the year, Pretty Lights was set to headline one of the days at the Bonnaroo festival in Manchester, Tennessee. They filled two slots, one of them was headlining the Thursday show. Then, it was back to the stage for the sunrise set at the fest. Naturally, these were two completely different performances. That’s the same thing that you can expect from them in Tahoe come early September. It’s not like they are going to put on the same show on Friday as they will on Saturday.

Having said this, one of the things that you and your friends are going to have to contend with is whether or not it makes sense to witness the same headliner two days in a row. Of course, that also comes with the realization that you’d have to camp out in Stateline, Nevada, in September. It’s actually a good date for shows in the middle of the day. It’s naturally not going to get as hot as it does in the summer. Camping in September, though, could get a little chili. That means that you could be good just with one day of partying. As mentioned, Pretty Lights is one of the most diverse acts in electronic music. They’ve been really working on their main craft, which is live shows, over the last few years, and it shows.

There are different ticket options at Harvey’s. You’ll have the main floor sections, where the big crowds will be. If you want to experience electronic music as it's meant to be, this is where you want to be on that night. There are also bleacher options for a tame experience. If you and your friends love the music but just can’t get into that full festival vibe anymore, these could be a good option! In any case, click the get tickets button before they run out.

Pretty Lights - Saturday at Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena at Harveys

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