Ryan Bingham & The Texas Gentlemen at Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena at Harvey's

Ryan Bingham & The Texas Gentlemen Tickets

Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena at Harveys | Stateline, Nevada

Ryan Bingham & The Texas Gentlemen

It’s not every day that an Oscar-winning actor headlines country music night at Harvey's Outdoor Arena! To be fair, though, it wasn’t his acting that earned Ryan Bingham his Oscar. It was his raspy voice, guitar, and gifts as a composer of music. All of those things are going to be on full display at Harveys Outdoor Arena in the Lake Tahoe area on Saturday, the 31st of August 2024. Bingham and The Texas Gentleman are ready to craft one of the best country music events that’s currently on tour. It’s going to be filled with catchy songs and plenty of emotion. Pretty much everything that you want out of a country music concert.

Although The Texas Gentleman do a few collaborations with Bingham and, therefore, he will be on stage with them occasionally, they also serve as the opening act in a sense. They play funky music beats paired with some traditional country sounds with mostly minimal lyrics. The band can certainly get you in the groove before Ryan Bingham hits the stage.

All signs point to this being a great event at the Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena at Harvey's on Saturday, August 31st. Click the get tickets button to ensure you’re here to enjoy it.

Since his start in the country music scene, Bingham has been recognized as the old soul country music singer that he continues to be. Reviews from his first album way back in 2007 painted him as a star that could’ve been relevant in the 70s with the style of music that he was putting forth. Things have not changed that much to this day. It’s still the raspy voice and the guitar that are featured in most of his songs. Those two things complement a lot of his music, particularly tracks like "Never Far Behind" or “Broken Heart Tattoo.” The first song is about his parents, who both lead rough lives that ended quickly, while the second one is about his unborn son.

This doesn’t mean, though, that Bingham can’t put in a performance that’s going to leave you smiling at the end of the night. It’s a perfect concert to bring your significant other and just be in the crowd, giving yourself permission to get emotional. One of the things that Ryan Bingham has is this sense of connection with the audience. You can say it’s the lyrics, it’s his delivery, or just everything that he brings to the stage. It’s fair to say that, at least for most of the show, it won’t be an upbeat and jolly country music fest. The Texas Gentlemen are going to be here for that on this night though, knowing that you may still get a little bit of everything. If you want to let your emotions flow, this Ryan Bingham concert at Harveys Outdoor Arena is the place to be.

The setup for this concert at Harveys Outdoor Arena in Tahoe promises more seating options than usual. If you want to have a spot next to the stage, be sure to click the get tickets button soon! Watching Ryan Bingham live is going to make you feel like you stepped into the Yellowstone series. Fans of the show will really enjoy the night. It’s one of the last events in Tahoe that won’t get too cold. Still, it could be a good idea to bring someone along that you can cuddle with. Get your tickets and get ready for a real country music event.

Ryan Bingham & The Texas Gentlemen at Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena at Harveys

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