Widespread Panic at Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena at Harvey's

Widespread Panic Tickets

Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena at Harvey's | Stateline, Nevada

Widespread Panic comes to Harveys Outdoor Arena on Wednesday 6th July 2016

Nobody nails a live show quite like Widespread Panic. True to their name, expect them to cause a stir as soon as fans find out that they are on the road for a series of much-awaited performances. Their extended jam sessions and lucious guitar licks are oozing with energy and passion, that one can't help but ask for more. This you've got to see…live! Go, get those precious tickets before they run out.Widespread Panic at Harveys Outdoor Arena

Widespread Panic belongs to the so-called elite circle of American jam bands. Their live performances always get the thumbs-up and multiple stars from music critics. In fact, they hold the 2013 record for most number of sold-out performances at different venues around the country. The current band line-up include: The guitarist/singer John Bell, bassist Dave Schools, drummer Duane Trucks, percussionist Domingo "Sunny" Ortiz, keyboardist John "JoJo" Hermann, and guitarist Jimmy Herring. Michael Houser and George McConnell have also played lead guitar for the band. Their tenacious and cohesive sound, their eye-popping light shows, and great chemistry has secured their foothold of guaranteed-sold-out shows in the live touring circuit. Widespread Panic is indeed a formidable act with a growing following and an influential streak in the genre of Southern rock, Blues rock, jazz fusion, jam rock, and neo-psychedelia.

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